Update for the Prophet 12 Performance Tool on iPad:  Version 2.0 released

 Klanglabor > Gear > Korg Wavestation EX page added

New Performance Tool for the DSI Prophet 12, based on MIDI Designer on iPad

iPad sound editor for Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 (Module)

Yamaha Reface series System Editor for iPad and iPhone

Re-designed website launched

This website has been completely re-designed. While keeping the basic structure, all pages have been brought to a more modern design, which is compatible to both computer screens and mobile devices.

New video about the K1r Live Control

Control system settings of Yamaha Reface CS from the iPad

Analog style iPad editor for the Yamaha DX21

Following the Mono Poly, here is a MIDI Designer editor for its sister product, the Korg Polysix VST

Korg Mono/Poly VST from the Legacy Collection now controllable from MIDI Designer

Kawai K5000 Macro Control Box as MIDI Designer layout

 Klanglabor > Gear > Kawai K1r page added

New track released: Autumn Night Fall

MIDI Designer based sound programmer for Kawai K1r

The Yamaha TG77 AFM Editor now became a real 4-Element Voice Editor

New MIDI Designer layout released: AFM Editor for Yamaha TG77

Third picture of the Triptychon project released: Gregorian Eggsilo

Xpressive Keys

New MIDI Designer layout released: Xpressive Keys

 MIDI Designer layout for Korg 707 updated to V1.5

Second picture of the Triptychon project released: Corona Choir

 Just released V1.5 of K1r Live Control

Another layout for MIDI Designer, a vector control for the Kawai K1r

 First song of new project released: Triptychon - Picture 1: Alien V

Klanglabor > Photo History updated

Klanglabor > Klanglabor Uetersen updated

New song released: Journey - 20YbiT?

 The KlangCollage is now on SoundCould

 The KlangCollage is now on Facebook

 Klanglabor > Gear > Yamaha TG77 page added

 Klanglabor > Gear > Technics WSA1 page added

New Website

Release of the completely re-designed website