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Cryptix [Reworked] - Reflected Shadows [Reworked] EP

"Cryptix" was a Synth/Goth band, in which I played keyboard in the early 90s. Together with two friends of mine, we put together songs using synthesizers and drum computers and recorded them to tape. Around Y2k I came across those old recordings and developed the idea of re-recording them, using my current equipment and technology. Finally it took another 10 years until I actually did it and reworked six songs from our "Reflected Shadows" tape.

For our live shows I had produced individual intros, kind of sound collages containing noises, samples and sometimes hints to the songs we were about to play. Therefore I decided to make an intro for this little collection as well.

Intro: Remembrance (snippet)

Creative No Phase (snippet)

Daydreams Or Nightmares (snippet)

Game Of Death (snippet)

Destination (snippet)

Senseless Life (snippet)

Sorrow And Pain (snippet)

Camena Dream

Camena Dream

Production support for the dark electro project around singer Caro. Additional sound design, composing and recording for the songs "Avarice", "Moonlight Nightmare", "Solstice" and "Soltice - Club Version". Meanwhile the band reformed, but still follows the combination of hard, dark electronics and female vocals.

The Rhine Meets The Sea

The Rhine Meets The Sea

A single work of sound recordist Markus Kürten and Ibo Kai; based on a piano recording of Markus, processed by The KlangCollage by means of cutting into pieces, sending through granular synthesis and various effects and putting together again in a completely new way.

The Rhine Meets The Sea

N.C. & Ibo Kai

NC + Ibo Kai

Project of N.C., former Northeim based EBM/Techno DJ and Ibo Kai; dark and strange industrial sound.

In Dust Real

Groove Box


In The Name Of




Common project of Ralf Beuermann (musician, actor, theatre director) and Ibo kai, which led to a number of pieces, ranging from remakes of existing songs from Beuermann´s (today non-existing) "Aquarius" project and completely deconstructed cover versions to totally crazy things with electronics, guitar and recitation of poems.